Monday, October 5, 2015

When ribbons are like candy.

Sarah the Curatorial Assistant
My niece, Sarah, is in the second year of her MFA studies in textile design at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island.

This week I was delighted to receive some pictures from Sarah showing her hard at work as a Curatorial Assistant in the renown Costume and Textile department of the RISD museum. Of course being hard at work presupposes that you find working with beautiful clothes quite exhausting.
 Sarah adjusting the sleeve of a Balmain coat.

Sarah says that this coat is not the most
beautiful thing that she has seen in the
 Sarah also sent along these pictures
of trims and ribbons.
 She was treated to a viewing of the museum's entire
portfolio of  European embroidered pieces.
 They are mostly 17th century French.

Not exactly 17th century, but more like 1960s,
is this Dior gold velour hat that I came
across at Edith Machinist, a vintage
store in my neighborhood.
I love the way the ribbon pieces are over-stitched on the velour.
And don't you simply adore the way they exit in gay profusion 
the gold ribbon tied round the hat?
No, I did not buy it. Too small.
But I will steal the idea for one of my own hats!
 A beribboned bonnet from Austria, ca. 1841/48.

À Bientôt!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Saturday in September

Brunch at Les Enfants de Bohème
I know, I know. How long has it been since Lazy Girl got back from the country? Let's not go there, OK? I'm here now with a post on this fine, pre-autumn day, when the sun is shining, but it's a little windy, so you really do need a jacket. The air conditioning storage company called this morning to arrange a pick up, but I told him I'd be in touch.

So I had to go and buy a new mouse for my MAC. I did that this morning, but when I got home, I decided I felt like pancakes. So Richard and I walked a few blocks to our neighborhood, très cool cafe, Les Enfants de Bohème.
It seemed like a good day to wear my cotton
tunic from Croteaux Vineyard in Southold, and my très chic
canvas, hand-painted hat from Jacques Le Corre in Paris.
 Les Enfants de Bohème is a new cafe from
Stéfan Jonot, my neighbor in Seward Park.
Tucked in at the corner
of Jefferson and Henry Streets,
deep on the Lower East Side, it's well out
of the way of the Donut Plant hordes,
aka the tourists.
 Michelange and East
of Les Enfants de Bohème.
I just learned that there's a celebrity kid named
North West, daughter of Kanye West.
So I guess she is North by West.
 Beautiful murals from two Brooklyn artists.

 A window table
 A doggie lusting after some brunch bacon.
 A quiet vibe with John Coltrane playing.
 Street Seats, outside the cafe.
New York's Department of transportation carved out this
seating area for everyone to enjoy.
Brilliant idea, I think.
The kids at Seward Park love this fat chalk.
 This kid loves it too.
 The world is turn...
and I am dope.
Way home ... our library and Saturday farmer's market.
À Bientôt

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lazy Girl, Episode 8, Season 2: Scenes from a Summer

I cycled in reverie
down lanes and roads.
I swam in a warm river framed in grass green.
I smelled the subtly perfumed air.
I watched the swallows swoop and swirl.
I saw a perfect rose on a fence by the sea.
I ate a juicy tomato warmed by the sun.
I dined on peaches, the nectar of the gods.
I bought a hat, a necklace, a dress
and a bracelet.
I went to a party and was photographed by Newsday.
 I saw a splendid exhibit of the work
of William Steeple Davis.
 He painted these great deco figures.
 He photographed this vase of Lily of the Valley.
 He painted the Bug Lighthouse.
He painted this image of a powder-puff cat.
 Richard's family came to visit.
We met Danielle Gisiger, owner of 
the Black Whale in Aquebogue
designer of clothing and hats.
I saw a giant ear of corn.
I found the remnants of  Annie's
peach stand, but now they
sell dahlias.
I saw my sister, Susan.
and Jeanne (on left)
I saw my brother, David.
 I hung laundry on a line
A study in black and white
 We lunched at the Ram's Head Inn
on Shelter Island

 I saw a dappled lawn at the Ram's Head Inn.
 I walked by pretty houses on Village Lane.
 I saw a white hydrangea.
And we dined with old friends Andy, Julie and Sienna.

Adieu from Orient,
À Bientôt!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lazy Girl, Episode 7, Season 2, Yard Sale Fever

No Early Birds!!
N.E.B. No Early Birds.  That's what the ad in the Suffolk Times announced for the yard sale at 1125 Seawood Drive in Southold. They also boasted that it would be the Last Yard Sale of the Decade and that they would have free coffee. They said it would be W.Y.W. Worth Your While.

But when my brother, David Markel, and I pulled up a little before 8, the lady in the driveway was looking at her cell phone and yelled out, "We're not ready yet." And the sale looked really lame. Only a lawnmower and a few dining chairs were set out. We were outta there.

Lazy Girl usually features one of David's house sales on Femme et Fleur, but this year, it just so happened that Dave did not have a big sale in August. So he suggested that we go Yard Sailing instead.
 First stop on the Yard Sale Trail: The Country Store
for the Suffolk Times with Saturday's Yard Sale listings.
Here, Tom Foster and Dave hold the paper.
Note that the Dolphins are back!
(The cetacaen mammal, not the sports team.)
We used to see the Dolphins swim by our cottage on
Long Island Sound when we were kids.
There they are. The Yard/Tag Sales!
 Our first stop was 805 Navy Street in Orient.
This is chatska heaven.
 Some of the goods displayed on a washer/dryer set. 
 These little grads were just prime stuff.
John graduated in 1971.
Dave got this plaster Jesus.
He is doing an art project with them.
Dave demonstrating how to dumpster dive.
 Steamy romance novels.
Here are some Yard Sale Acronyms developed by
Jeanne and David Markel:
DB - Drive By
DBQ - Drive By Quick
DBS - Drive By Slow
WGC - Wild Goose Chase
OTW - On the Way
 Yard Sailors:
Lazy Girl, Dee, Dave and Richie.
 Liquidation of garden tools.
This lady is in charge, that's obvious.
 This pull-toy doggie is from a classy sale in Greenport.
The homeowners are artists and yard sailors themselves.
Therefore, they have some well-edited merch.
 This is stylish Cara, one of the homeowners
giving the sale.

 Nice Display.
Tip: If a good sale is not open yet,
you can "Set up camp" and wait.
Distressed chair with books and postcards.
Sometimes "Yard Sale Fever" takes over
and you buy something that you
really don't want or need.
Then you have a yard sale to get rid of it.
 Last sale --on Sunday, of course.
The Temple.

 My sister, Susan, waits on line
for the sale to open.
Advertised as Tons of Treasures.
Dave kept us entertained while we waited.
The wind knocked out of our Yard Sails,
we recover at Aldo's with a chocolate croissant
and a cafe latte.
I bought this little portrait at Cara's sale.
I love it.

À Bientôt!